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Private Trash Collection Services

Serving Apartments & Townhomes in Greensboro, NC

Private trash collection service

We Provide Trash Collection Services for People with Incovenient Trash Receptacles

Simply Trash is a convenient and inexpensive option for idividual residents of apartments, townhomes and condos that do not have easy access to their dumpsters or trash receptacles. We strive to provide an alternative for waste disposal for those that are either unable to easily reach their disposal areas or simply too busy. We currently service all communities in the greater Greensboro area.

The Simply Trash Advantage

Why should you choose Simply Trash? The reason is simple. Our convenient trash collection service provides residents with a safe, clean and secure method of waste disposal. No more lugging heavy bags of trash down flights of stairs at night. Simply Trash provides discreet containers in which customers are able to place their garbage. Our professional team will handle the rest. Click here to learn more about our pricing and package options.